what clients are saying
"I was feeling overwhelmed run down-and-out of energy. I decided to address my wellness from a holistic perspective. The results were amazing. Not only did I have more energy and better sleep, but a renewed sense of personal purpose. And working with Trish was amazing! Her support and personal touch helped me to connect with myself again."
Jeanine B.
"Trish really listened to me beyond my obvious symptoms and helped me understand that my wellness journey was more than food choices. It was also about self compassion and mindset. She helped me stop blaming myself and constantly rehashing where I went wrong and focus on the pieces of my puzzle and how I can change my future."
Libby A.
"I wasn't looking for someone to help me plan meals, there was a lot of that for free already on line. I was struggling with everything else - managing my stress, cleaning up my home environment, finding ways to incorporate self care, and wrapping my head around how to make it all work. Trish helped me with taking the steps possible to completely change my lifestyle and make it work for me."
Beth H.