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Ever feel like navigating the world of wellness is like binge-watching your favorite shows, like Breaking Bad or Schitt’s Creek? You start innocently enough, but before you know it, you’re totally engrossed in the storyline. Suddenly, you’re in the midst of a frenzied binge session, sleep-deprived, snack-laden, with no end in sight.

Just like trying to anticipate Walter White’s next move or awaiting David Rose’s next comment, navigating the wellness world can feel just as unpredictable and compelling. You’re constantly wading through contradictory advice, being sidetracked by shiny new trends, and the constant worry that any moment, a new fad is going to interrupt your hard-earned progress.

Or, maybe you’re noticing a mid-afternoon slump, where you’re counting down the minutes until you can cradle another cup of coffee, or embrace that end-of-day glass of wine while cuddling up with your dog for some much-needed emotional support.

Maybe you’re even dabbling in the ever confusing world of supplements or started using some natural products, but you’re still not sure what to look for or how to manage everything so it feels like you’re piecing together a puzzle without the picture.

I see you, and I want you to hit pause on that “I give the F-up” button. Because I’m here to help you crack the wellness code, without making it feel like you’re trying to untangle the plot twists in a complex show.

how you ask?

the path back to you...

I like to think of it like this: just like there’s a show for everyone, regardless of personal preferences  – from the gritty drama to the charming lighthearted sitcom – I’ve got something for a variety of wellness seekers. From bite-sized lessons you can quickly binge to immersive, deep-dive programs that are more like a full-season commitment, you’re sure to find your fit here

You can try my bite-sized mini-courses that are as manageable and satisfying as finishing a few quick episodes of your favorite binge-worthy show. These courses are easily digestible yet they still deliver that ‘aha!’ moment! Think of them as your wellness ‘binge-watch’ list, guiding you towards your goals without overwhelming you with information and won’t eat up all your time. And, bam, just like that, wellness suddenly becomes attainable. 

Or maybe you’re into challenges, getting that adrenaline rush when you finally get through that tough episode cliffhanger or have a successful binge-session. My wellness challenges deliver that same thrill, a sense of accomplishment, and an escape from the monotony of boring routines.

There’s also a few webinars & workshops for ya! You know those special features that come with your favorite box sets, offering raw, intimate insights into the production? That’s what these are for, like wellness unfiltered, genuine, and filled with “well shit, I can do that!” moments you can incorporate into your life.

And finally, I’ve even got a few of those deep-dive programs. You know when you’re so hooked on a show that you wish there were three more seasons to binge? That’s what my deeper learning programs are for – offering you a chance to fully immerse yourself in wellness. These comprehensive courses let you dive into specifics, providing a more detailed understanding and enhancing your path..

So, whether you’re drawn to the bite-sized, binge-able mini-courses, the adrenaline rush of challenges, the authentic insights from my webinars & workshops, or you’re all in for a deep-dive with an in-depth program, there’s something just for you here. And remember, no matter what route you take, you’ll find genuine connection, real-world advice, and a whole lot of laughter along the way. So, come on in, pull up a chair, let’s break the mold, get real, and do this! I can’t wait to connect with you!