Self Acceptance Course

Self Acceptance Course

Self acceptance, self compassion and self care are all about learning how to take good care of ourselves and to treat ourselves as kindly as we would treat others. 

Taking care of ourselves should be at the top of the list since this allows us to be able to care for others better.  But, it often gets pushed down as we prioritize others, tasks, and commitments over ourselves. It’s not selfish to want to feel amazing. When we’re at our best, we can give our best and we have more to give.

In the course we will focus on areas such as:

  • Not comparing ourselves to others and negative self judgement/talk 
  • Looking at our relationship with failure
  • The importance of a good support system
  • How to feel connected to our body and love our self just as we are
  • Understanding how to set clear and consistent boundaries
  • And more… 

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