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Community is an important component of our healing journey. It is vital that we feel support within ourselves, and from those in our inner and outer circles. If you haven’t done this yet ~ I urge you to take this much needed step. By taking the time to really look at who is truly supporting you and how allows you to see where changes need to be made. In understanding how your community shapes your healing you are taking another step in using your intuition and trusting yourself to create that much needed safe healing space.

There are three types of community to focus on in your healing journey...

Personal Community

Our personal community is our most deep, meaningful connection with others. Quantity is not as important as quality when it comes to our personal communities. It is these connections that often help us get through many of our most difficult times. Having a strong support system and being a dependable part of others’ support systems is what creates our personal community.

Social Community

In our social community it is vital to find a place where you feel comfortable being your authentic self. Every day we each have an opportunity to connect with others but these connections are often missed as we mindlessly go through our days hurried or with our faces buried in our phones. By taking the time to appear to be much more open and welcoming to new acquaintances, you can enrich your life, health, and social community.

Spiritual Community

Spirituality is all about connection; connections and relationships with others. No individual was meant to live life alone. Each spirit desires to be connected to the larger web of spirits, and it flounders when it is unnaturally separated from others. When many of use are struggling  we will often want to isolate and suffer silently. But communal spiritual practices help to provide us with much needed support that we need. Remember that most illnesses are multi-faceted, and it is difficult to manage them without support from others. These deep social connections help us spiritually, psychologically, and physically in our healing journey.

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