Just like there are many types of sports there are also many types of meditation practices and methods. Meditation is subjective and you will find it can fall into multiple categories listed below. But, what is important is not to worry to much about trying to do it perfectly or you are missing the point.

Try a few methods out and stick with the ones (or one) that speaks to you. What is important is that you are dedicating time each day towards it. Calendar it as you would a meeting or event. It can be as easy as waking up fifteen minutes early each day to begin your day with a meditation practice or at the end of your day. Again, it is always about progress and never perfection. 

Below is a list of a variety of practices and methods for you to research and find the best method that speaks to you. 

Mindfulness ~ One of the most popular forms of meditation today. Mindful meditation increases your ability to be present in your day to day life. It helps calm reflecting on the past, thinking about the things you have left to do that day, week, month, and allows you to focus on what you are doing in the moment. A couple forms of mindfulness meditation are Vipassana and breathing meditations. 

Guided ~ This is one of the easiest ways to meditate. Guided meditations are instructed meditations that are usually done with a recording, guiding you how to breathe, sit, and think (or not think). You can create your own guided meditations by recording your voice instructing yourself how to perform the meditation. There is a wide variety of guided meditations so try a few different ones. Search for someone whose voice is calming to you and easy to follow. 

Devotional ~ Devotional meditations are done usually to connect with, surrender to, or better serve (a) divine being(s).

Focus ~ This type of meditation chooses a focal point to concentrate on during meditation. There are endless ways to use focus meditations such as using a physical object like a candle, a bodily sensation like breathing, or an emotion or intention.

Manifestation ~ Usually used to create a desired outcome. Manifestation meditation has become extremely popular in creating abundance. Utilizing the law of attraction.

Movement ~ Uses activity for meditation. This can be done during your daily routine while washing dishes, getting dressed, or washing your face. Some common forms are yoga, Qi gong, walking, and tai chi.

Oneness / Unity ~ Oneness meditations are excellent for when you feel disconnect from life. It inspires a connection with others and the world around you.

Problem Solving ~ Certain methods of meditation are devoted to resolving problems. The areas of application are limitless. Some types of problems that these meditations can help with are decision making, emotional disturbances, stress, blocked chakras, relationship issues, or illness. 

Visualization ~ This type of meditation uses mental imagery as the focus of practice. There are many different ways to use visualization. It can be used to create calmness, inspire outcomes, or promote healing

Love and Compassion ~ Another popular form of meditation where the goal is to increase love and compassion. It can be directed towards yourself, other people specifically, the world as a whole, or simply the ability to be loving and kind.